Friday, March 12, 2010

Was a lesson learned?

Jett fell out of the car today when attempting to get in. Well, more like I was trying to convince him to sit down in the car seat - he was standing in it. He fell out of the car, landed on the garage concrete floor. Nothing broke the fall -- slammed his head. He screamed, then immediately got really sleepy. That earned him a ride in the ambulance to Children's Hospital. Thankfully, he's OK. No concussion. Dr. thinks that the immediate sleepy, wimpery state was due to crying too hard, then really heavy breathing. Apparently that can cause kids to easily hyperventilate and appear to pass out - or in Jett's case, close to passing out.

Paramedics kept him in his car seat, strapped him down, including putting a neck brace on him, and then strapped the entire thing to a gurney.

Lesson learned? That he got to miss school. Riding in an ambulance is fun. So is the hospital. Oh, and he got to hang out with mommy & daddy at the same time.

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