Friday, June 3, 2011

Kiss the guns? Wait no....

Best JETTISM ever: (yes I've said this before). He was just trying to tell me how tired his arms and legs are; showed me his arm muscle and said "See the guns. They are out of bullets."

Fess up, who taught him that?! He promises he didn't learn it from anyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jett on Feeling Good on the inside

Jett's been going to Newbreak Church with me for about 3 weeks. Learning all kinds of new great stuff. Its reminding me to not let the wonderful things he's learning and talking about disappear. So many things I should document here, but at this very moment I just don't want to forget what he just said.

Context: We were talking about how good it feels inside to do a great job on his school work. (note: he's been learning about the Holy Spirit and the good feelings on the inside).

Me: "You know I'm proud of you, but how does it feel in there (pointing to his chest)?

Jett:  "Great! But maybe its the Holy Spirit or God or (yells) JESUS! Or the 1st Peter".

LOL: He learned his first scripture last week in the book of 1 Peter. So now he's calling him the "1st Peter". Doesn't matter if he's mixing up facts a bit. He's learning it, loving it, and in typical Jett fashion, saying AWESOME things. :-)