Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's get this baby started

First, please recognize I have never ever blogged before. And while my intentions to become an avid blogger are great, we'll see if I can keep this up. Why blog? Just cuz. And because I want to start documenting my life as a single mom, being a mom, my kid's life, dating again, etc. I want to give the friends & family a place that they can come to find out way more info about all of the above than I should be making public. Lastly, shame on me for not doing a better job at documenting "Jettisms". I know he's my kid, so I'm supposed to think he's the best - but seriously the things that kid says should be in a book. I sometimes don't know where to begin. So please enjoy my blogging, don't enjoy it, whatever... but please do come back and visit soon.

And, in case you need a reminder of how darn cute that kid is, here ya go.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tiff - I will read your blog! I love reading my friends' blogs on the internet.