Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Divorce is final

What more can I say.... 3/24 is the date that it became official. Wow.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Jesse & I would have been married 8 years this coming tax day (4/15/2010). We just signed the final papers this past Friday, hard to believe it. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Happy its finally resolved (all the details), but understandbly (I believe) a bit sad about how things turned out. Let me be clear, I still think it was the right decision, but it certainly has it's expected (and unexpected) consequences. The mediator said it will be 2-4 weeks before its official. Wondering what the chances are that the papers will be stamped as final exactly on 4/15?

All in all, things have gone as good as one could hope for. Jett is understandably sad - he says he doesn't like that he always has to miss one of us. But as far as these things go, it couldn't be any better. Jesse and I coordinate, very closely, how we want to raise & discipline Jett. We have even been taking a parenting class together. BTW, I recommend this course to any parents. It's wonderful and so worth the expense. http://www.incaf.com/.  More later...

Free Stuff!

Starbucks tomorrow (3/23): http://www.starbucks.com/blog/4983/free-pastry-day

Ben & Jerry's tomorrow (3/23): http://www.benjerry.com/scoop-shops/feature/free-cone-day/


Before I relax and watch a movie I need to go change into something blue (Why Jett?) Cuz Blue is a relaxing color.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mom Song



(While playing the 'hum a song and the other person tries to guess' game): Its called Guessing Songs of Wild Nature.  er???

Was a lesson learned?

Jett fell out of the car today when attempting to get in. Well, more like I was trying to convince him to sit down in the car seat - he was standing in it. He fell out of the car, landed on the garage concrete floor. Nothing broke the fall -- slammed his head. He screamed, then immediately got really sleepy. That earned him a ride in the ambulance to Children's Hospital. Thankfully, he's OK. No concussion. Dr. thinks that the immediate sleepy, wimpery state was due to crying too hard, then really heavy breathing. Apparently that can cause kids to easily hyperventilate and appear to pass out - or in Jett's case, close to passing out.

Paramedics kept him in his car seat, strapped him down, including putting a neck brace on him, and then strapped the entire thing to a gurney.

Lesson learned? That he got to miss school. Riding in an ambulance is fun. So is the hospital. Oh, and he got to hang out with mommy & daddy at the same time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Some of my fav's (age 4)
  • (Responding to me telling me him a toy he was playing with was given to him at his last birthday.): No momma, if it was my last birthday I'd be almost dying.
  • Church is a place you go when you are going on a trip and you need to buy luggage. Or clothes. [interlocks hands... here's the church, here's the steeple..]
  • Gas is when dust that's stinky comes out of your body.
  • (said when fighting taking a nap) I wish I were nocturnal & diurnal so sleep would only be a sometimes treat.
  •  (To grandma) I know what happens when a baby is ready to come out of a mommy's tummy... The mommy goes to the Dr. and the Dr. pulls the baby out of the mommy's vagina.
  • Mommy, you break a lot of dishes. That's not good dish manners.
  • Mommy, when will you have a baby in your tummy. Its easy, all you have to do is find someone who's not married and is a boy.
Some older fav's (age 3)
  • When I was asleep in mommy's tummy, I saw creepy things: toys, branches and food and legos and books to read and I even saw someone looking at me. And they said 'how do you feel'. That was a dog. And he was only a stuffed dog. And he sings.
  • (after jumping into the swimming pool unexpectedly at swim lessons) I would not have run out of bubbles...If I needed more bubbles I would have gotten more at the bubble station
  • (after noticing some chew marks on his toilet seat lid and blaming it on the dogs) Maybe they were hungry for a little toilet chewing"
  • Jesse : No jumping on the bed Jett!
    Jett: Only monkeys jump on the bed?
    Jesse: That's right.  And you're not a monkey.  No jumping.
    Jett: But I'm brown like a monkey.
    Jesse:  No, you're not, and you don't have a tail like a monkey
    Jett: Yes I do.
    Jesse: No you don't.
    Jett: YES I DO!  (and then points at his penis). 
  • (While sitting on the potty) Poop is when its you bladder and then your body and then , you toot and the breeze comes.  
  • (Said out loud at Starbucks, crawling on a bench on all fours)  I'm a pig. I have a really big pig penis!"
  • (After seeing mommy drink ice tea out of a big bottle) Mommy, you like your wine?

(age 2 - also known as his "fascination with genitalia phase")
  • (Announced at a restaurant) I have a big penis! I have a big penis!
  • My killer whale only likes to eat the fish who don't have names 
  • (Out loud at the SD Zoo for Mother's Day by the Monkey enclosure.  One of the monkey's had is you-know-what sticking out.) That monkey has a penis!
  • Don't lay on me mommy. I'm not a pillow. I'm Jett Brenner Mellon.
  • (Referring to point out freckles on his nose) Nose has doticles
  • (Looking at a picture of a dinosaur) Dinosaur have green penipez.
  • Chloe have a penipez? Chloe have a big penipez? Chloe have a little penipez?
  • Mommy have penipez?
  • (In response to mommy saying 'there is no need to cry about it') I need to cry about it.
  • I not a big boy. I a little boy.
  • Guwls have boobies. Boys penipez.
  • "Jett, who did you bite?" I bite Liam. "What do we do when we get mad at our friends?" Eat crackers (We had been teaching him that "Teeth are for crackers, not biting."
  • One more Happy Birthday song presents!
  • Daddy's name is Jesse. Mommy's name is Honey.
  • Sunshine hot... blow on it.
  • (To his teacher) Scuse me...where baf-room?
  •  (In reference to daddy's sole patch) Daddy soul patch beard

Let's get this baby started

First, please recognize I have never ever blogged before. And while my intentions to become an avid blogger are great, we'll see if I can keep this up. Why blog? Just cuz. And because I want to start documenting my life as a single mom, being a mom, my kid's life, dating again, etc. I want to give the friends & family a place that they can come to find out way more info about all of the above than I should be making public. Lastly, shame on me for not doing a better job at documenting "Jettisms". I know he's my kid, so I'm supposed to think he's the best - but seriously the things that kid says should be in a book. I sometimes don't know where to begin. So please enjoy my blogging, don't enjoy it, whatever... but please do come back and visit soon.

And, in case you need a reminder of how darn cute that kid is, here ya go.