Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jett on Feeling Good on the inside

Jett's been going to Newbreak Church with me for about 3 weeks. Learning all kinds of new great stuff. Its reminding me to not let the wonderful things he's learning and talking about disappear. So many things I should document here, but at this very moment I just don't want to forget what he just said.

Context: We were talking about how good it feels inside to do a great job on his school work. (note: he's been learning about the Holy Spirit and the good feelings on the inside).

Me: "You know I'm proud of you, but how does it feel in there (pointing to his chest)?

Jett:  "Great! But maybe its the Holy Spirit or God or (yells) JESUS! Or the 1st Peter".

LOL: He learned his first scripture last week in the book of 1 Peter. So now he's calling him the "1st Peter". Doesn't matter if he's mixing up facts a bit. He's learning it, loving it, and in typical Jett fashion, saying AWESOME things. :-)

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